ARMATURE tube fittings and components (accessories) are manufactured, on the basis of decades of experience, in three series: very light (VL), light (L) and heavy (T) in accordance with ISO 8434-1 and DIN 2353 standards. In addition to these, also are available-on request, special designs for higher working pressures or special purposes. In the case of special designs, we are always at your disposal. Absolute reliability of tube fittings can only be guaranteed if ARMATURE original parts are used and assembly is carried out according to fitting instructions. We reserve the right to modify designs and dimensions bringing about technical improvement.

Series VL (max 100 bar):
Compressed air pipe-lines, hydraulic systems on machine tools, return lines, road vehicles, propane gas lines, oil heaters, small refrigerating plants, plastic hose and pipe lines, etc.
Series L (max 315 bar):
Applications of series VL, but for larger mechanical tensions, pressure lines of machines, road vehicles, etc.
Series T (max 630 bar):
Heavy machine-building industry, shipbuilding, mining industry, chemical industry, large refrigerating plants, pressure lines, etc.