With it’s simplicity, compact design, ease of assembly and with world-wide availability and acceptance, ISO 8438-2 (JIC 37°) is used in virtually every application that uses fluid power for motion control.

Available in steel, stainless steel and brass, JIC 37° is ideally suited for low and medium pressure applications up to 350 bar nominal pressure (PN).

With its wide range of sizes and configurations and its ability to accept metric and imperial tubing just by changing the sleeve, JIC 37° has become accepted world-wide.

JIC 37°design is very simple. It uses an easily produced flare at the tube end to create a seal and holds fluid under pressure in the system.

The tube end is flared to 37 degrees and clamped between the fitting nose and the sleeve when the nut is tightened. This provides a effective single seal point between the fitting nose and the tube flare.

JIC 37° flared fitting consists of three components:

– Fitting body

-Tube nut

– Sleeve