The ORFS fittings (ISO 8434-3) are newest program from Armature. Define article has been introduced to eliminate leakage in hydraulic systems and allow higher operating pressures.

ORFS fittings are suitable for a wide range of tube dimensions and wall thicknesses. They are designed for use with metric and inch tubing.

A single ORFS fitting body can accommodate several different tube diameters just by changing the sleeve or braze-on spud.

ORFS Principe

ORFS fittings can be assembled either by orbital 90 degree flanging of the tube or by brazing a spud on the tube end.

Preparing the tube end provides the user with the means of easily achieving a leak free connection. It is ideal for in-house or on site applications.

ORFS is designed to suit metric and inch tubing simply by changing the sleeve. The same ORFS fitting can be used to connect corresponding sizes of both metric and inch O.D. tubing.

This advantage reduces parts inventory and possible mixing of parts.