A broad range of pipe fittings and adapters (ISO 8434-6) are available from the Armature as shown in the visual index.

These products include: male and female fittings, male to female adapters, parallel to taper thread adapters, port blanking plugs, and various conversion adapters.

The range shown in our catalogue includes BSPP, BSPT, Metric, NPTF thread adapters.



1. Compact size :

Pipe adapters gives compact solutions to piping problem in confined areas.

2. Adaptability:

Pipe fittings can be used in systems with rigid tubing or flexible hoses.

3. High Temperature Capability:

Metal to metal sealing makes pipe fittings especially suitable or high temperature applications.

4. Widespread General Use :

Pipe fittings are used in varied applications ranging from low pressure use such as air, water, gas, oil and chemical processing, to hydraulic systems and high technology instrumentation.

5. Availability :

Pipe Fittings and adapters are readily available in a large range of sizes, materials and configurations.